• ”The Club” means The Ganges Club Ltd. and includes all the areas whether in shape of building, lawns, swimming pool and all the areas as shown in the map.
  • ”The Committee” Means the general committee in which ten elected members.
  • ”Management” means general committee to manage the club.
  • ”Dependants” shall means member’s children boysupto the age of 18 and girls upto the time of getting married or becoming independent.
  • “Guest” means only outstation guest.

Club Hours

Unless decided or determined otherwise by the general committee the club shall open at 6.00 a.m. and shall close at midnight daily.The closing hours of the club may be extended on special occasions as decided by the general committee.

Notice Board

The Club’s main notice board will be placed at a prominent place in the premises. Notice will be placed on the notice board only with the permission of the general committee.

Removal or Damage of Club’s Property Building or Lawns

If a member or his guests or his dependants damages, destroys or takes away from the Club, any property, assets, he or she will be liable to pay for the damage or loss by way of penalty as the general committee may determine/decide.

Residential Accommodation (Rooms & Suites)

  • Accommodation in the club room & suites is primarily for members or out station guest of members and members of reciprocating clubs for bonafide residence.
  • Allotment of club rooms & suites will be made according to priority of booking.
  • No permanent accommodation can be allowed to any One.
  • The tariff of rooms & suites may be revised from time to time by the General Committee.
  • Any item, property if found missing or taken away or damage by the guest will be liable to pay for it.
  • Notice of departure shall be given at the time of booking.
  • The Club will not be responsible for any loss or damage or any mishandling to any property belonging to the occupant in whatsoever manner it may be caused.
  • Residents shall be entitled to receive visitors to their rooms & suites from 8.00 am. to 11.00 p.m. such visitors shall be persons who are received/ accepted in general society.
  • Hony. Secy/Committee or his authorized representative shall have access to inspect any suite at any time under occupation.
  • Not with standing any thing contained in any of the bye laws, herein, before the right of admission for the use of club rooms & suites is reserved with the club management.
  • Hony. Secy./General Committee will have full power to get the suite vacant by the occupant with out giving any notice at any time.
  • Keys will be handed over to reception at the time of departure.


  • Guests means only ”Outstation Guest” No local guests are allowed to come with the member.
  • A member can bring only two outstation guest at one time and has to pay guest charges as decided by the management from time to time.
  • The guest can not make use of any sports facility.
  • Member has to see that the guest is properly dressed and his/her behaviour is proper and decent.
  • Member should make sure that the guest is accepted in general society.
  • Guest can only sit and make use of Bars, Party room & Party Halls.
  • On special occasions the committee can with advance notice, suspend, alter or modify the guest rules and charges for such day/hours or for such part of the club premises as it may deem fit.
  • Every guest should be accompanied by the member. Member shall on introducing a guest, enter legibly the full name and address of such guest on the register kept at the reception.
  • Guests should keep to the areas restricted.
  • Guest should not behave or conduct himself in any manner in the club premises which be improper, indecent or objectionable may or which may cause any nuisance or disturbance or annoyance to other member of the club.

Pan or Pan Masala

  • Rs. 500-/ will be fined for eating and spitting of Pan or Pan Masala in the club premises.
  • Entry will be denied to such person.
  • If a member or guest or dependant is seen eating or spitting pan or pan masala in the club premises, strict disciplinary action will be taken against such a person.

Loss or Theft of Member’s Property

The club or the management will not be responsible or liable for any loss or theft of any article belonging to the member, his guest or dependents at any place in the club.

Conduct / Behaviour of a Member

  • A member should carry himself like a gentleman.
  • Use of abusive language is strictly prohibited.
  • Talking loudly/Shouting is not allowed.
  • No member should create any noise or play music or any manner, in the club which may be improper, indecent or objectionable or which may cause nuisance or disturbance or annoyance to other members of the club or their guest.
  • Strict disciplinary action as deemed fit by the general committee will be taken against such member.

Dependants and Rights

  • Children of permanent members are dependants of the club.
  • A boy upto the age of 18 years will come as a dependant and a girl until she gets married.
  • Dependants are not allowed in the Bar and Card Room.
  • There are strictly not allowed to consume Alcohol anywhere in the club.
  • A dependant Boy attainting the age of 18yrs should apply for independent member within the age of 21 yrs.
  • Dependants are not allowed to bring guests.
  • Dependants have to follow the rules & timings set for them at various sports areas as decided by general committee.
  • Dependants have to maintain decorum and discipline.
  • Dependant membership will automatically lapse as the boy attains the age of 21 yrs in the case of a girl it will lapse on marriage or attainment of independence, and they have to apply for independent membership.


  • Alcoholic Drinks is allowed only in the bar.
  • Members and their guests are not allowed to carry their drinks any where in the club.
  • Dependants are strictly not allowed in the BAR.
  • Outside alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Bar or in the club premises.
  • Proper decorum should be maintained in the bar.
  • Talking loudly or shouting is strictly prohibited
  • Member are not allowed to smoke.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed, if in case of emergency members should talk softly and should not create any nuisance or any disturbance.
  • Sports dress or outfit is not allowed in the bar. Formal dress is always welcome in the Bar.
  • Bar Timings :-12.00 Noon to 3.00 p.m.
07.00 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

Family Room

  • Family room is only for families.
  • No single male is allowed to sit there.
  • Smoking is prohibited in family room.
  • Member with his family is allowed to make use of it.

Card Room

  • Only members are allowed to use card room.
  • Dependants or guests are not allowed in the card room.
  • The term card room shall mean the area of the club where arrangements for the time being be made for playing of card games.
  • Timing decided by general committee will be applicable from time to time.
  • Proper decorum has to be maintained.
  • Talking loudly, shouting is not allowed.
  • Every member whether actually playing or not shall conduct himself so as not to annoy or disturb other members in the card room.
  • On a breach of this bye-law he shall be duly warned and on a repetition of the offence, he will be reported to the general committee for action.
  • Members playing card games will do so at their own risk.

No – Smoking Zone

Areas having No-smoking sign does not permit smoking in that area like: Family Room, Children Play Room, Lounge, Bar Room, Dining Room and New Dining Room Complex. Smoking is strictly prohibited in these areas.

Billiards Room

  • Timings of Billiards room have to be followed strictly by the members or dependants as decided by the general committee from time to time.
  • Members will be given preferences rather than dependant.
  • Guest are strictly not allowed to enter or play billiards.
  • Game charges have to be deposited to the marker and to be entered in the register kept there.
  • Staff is not allowed to play.
  • Any damage or loss done to the billiards table or room shall be charged as penalty from the particular member who has done the damage.
  • Sitting or lying on the Billiards table is not allowed.
  • General Committee shall have power to exclude from the Billiards room, A member whose conduct is not in consonance with these bye laws for any period not exceeding three months.
  • Catering in the billiards room will be restricted to specified snacks only.
  • All decisions taken from time to time by the general committee in regard to Billiards room will be final and conclusive.

Party Room

  • Party room is meant for members, dependants or guest.
  • It can be booked for private parties also for members.
  • Parties of not more than 60-70 people can be held.
  • Use of music/D.J. is not allowed.
  • Days specified by the general committee will be only allowed for booking for private parties.
  • Members should ensure that his guests are properly dressed and should keep to the area which is reserved for them.
  • Guest have to maintain the decorum of the club.
  • Party room can not booked on Saturday & Sunday for dinner parties.

Dining Room

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner will be served in the Dining Room.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the Dining Room.
  • Timings:- Breakfast 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m., Lunch 12.00 Noon to 3.00 p.m., Dinner 8.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.
  • After specified timings no service will be given.
  • Members have to maintain decorum and talk softly.
  • General Committee can alter the rates of mess accordingly as they deemed fit.

Swimming Pool

  • The hours of opening and closing of the pool will be fixed from time to time and no person shall be permitted to enter it at any other time.
  • Guests are strictly not allowed to use the pool.
  • Members & dependents can use the pool as per specified time.
  • Members, spouse and dependents making use of the pool shall do so at their own risk and responsibility.
  • Club will not be responsible for any safety or mishandling.
  • Servants/Ayahs are strictly not allowed to use the pool or pool area.
  • Persons suffering any skin or infections or contagious disease or wound will not be permitted to use the poll.
  • No persons will be permitted to enter the pool with out first having taken a ”Shower”
  • Alcohol or smoking in the pool is strictly prohibited.
  • Eats and drinks are not allowed into the pool.
  • Playing of dangerous games is strictly not allowed.
  • Timings as laid down by the general committee have to be followed strictly.
  • Disregards of these rules shall attract disciplinary action.


  • Following Lawns can be given for private parties or marriages:
    • Sports Lawns
    • Ahoka Lawns
    • Swimming Pool Lawns
  • Rates for booking of these lawns will be decided by the general committee, from time to time.
  • Members who have booked these lawns, will ensure that his/her guests do not enter club building, the guest will reserve themselves to the restricted area of booking.
  • Any loss or damage done by the member or his guest will be penalized by the member.
  • Club will not be responsible in whatsoever manner if any loss or theft or mishandling occurs during the functions.
  • At the time of function, member should ensure proper car parking, so as no hindrance occurs in the smooth running of the traffic.
  • No loud music/D.J. is allowed to be played without prior permission.
  • No entry/Exit for any function, will be allowed through the club’s main building.
  • The Hony. Secy, will have full power to cancel any programme without giving any reason.
  • Any V.I.P. visiting the function should be informed before hand and permission to be taken by Hony. Secy.
  • Proper security and safety have to be arranged by the person who is hosting the function and will be fully responsible for any mishandling.
  • Hony. Secy, will have full power to cancel such type of programmes if he sees, that such thing can create any problem in security.
  • Authorised Caterers / Decorator / Tamboowala / Electricians by the club will be only allowed.

Reservation / Bookings of Club areas

  • All bookings of lawns for private parties/ Marriages will be done by cash/ cheques/ pay order only.
  • Account payee cheque in favour of ”The Ganges Club Ltd.” will be only accepted.
  • No token money or part payment will be accepted.
  • If cancellation is done within 48 hrs from the date of main function, then no refund will be given.
  • Hony. Secy. shall have power to book or cancel any programme / function without giving any specific reason.
  • All bookings will be done with the approval of Hony. Secy.
  • Bookings / Reservation will be done on first come first base.
  • A member may be allowed to reserve the lawns / Party Room to hold parties / functions only upon such terms and conditions and subject to such charges that may be fixed by the general committee from time to time.
  • All club rules, regulations and bye-laws will be strictly observed and the members holding such party will be responsible for observance of such rules. In case of any breach, the management will exercise its rights to enforce the rules very strictly.

Servants / Ayahs/ Drivers / Pets

Servants / Ayahs / Driver / Pets are strictly not allowed in club premises. Any servants / Ayah / Driver if seen with the member in club premises, general committee will have power to take disciplinary action against him.