Swimming Pool

  • The hours of opening and closing of the pool will be fixed from time to time and no person shall be permitted to enter it at any other time.
  • Guests are strictly not allowed to use the pool.
  • Members & dependents can use the pool as per specified time.
  • Members, spouse and dependents making use of the pool shall do so at their own risk and responsibility.
  • Club will not be responsible for any safety or mishandling.
  • Servants/Ayahs are strictly not allowed to use the pool or pool area.
  • Persons suffering any skin or infections or contagious disease or wound will not be permitted to use the poll.
  • No persons will be permitted to enter the pool with out first having taken a ”Shower”
  • Alcohol or smoking in the pool is strictly prohibited.
  • Eats and drinks are not allowed into the pool.
  • Playing of dangerous games is strictly not allowed.
  • Timings as laid down by the general committee have to be followed strictly.
  • Disregards of these rules shall attract disciplinary action.

Badminton Court

Billiards Room

  • Timings of Billiards room have to be followed strictly by the members or dependants as decided by the general committee from time to time.
  • Members will be given preferences rather than dependant.
  • Guest are strictly not allowed to enter or play billiards.
  • Game charges have to be deposited to the marker and to be entered in the register kept there.
  • Staff is not allowed to play.
  • Any damage or loss done to the billiards table or room shall be charged as penalty from the particular member who has done the damage.
  • Sitting or lying on the Billiards table is not allowed.
  • General Committee shall have power to exclude from the Billiards room, A member whose conduct is not in consonance with these bye laws for any period not exceeding three months.
  • Catering in the billiards room will be restricted to specified snacks only.
  • All decisions taken from time to time by the general committee in regard to Billiards room will be final and conclusive.

Tennis Court

Table Tennis

Card Room

  • Only members are allowed to use card room.
  • Dependants or guests are not allowed in the card room.
  • The term card room shall mean the area of the club where arrangements for the time being be made for playing of card games.
  • Timing decided by general committee will be applicable from time to time.
  • Proper decorum has to be maintained.
  • Talking loudly, shouting is not allowed.
  • Every member whether actually playing or not shall conduct himself so as not to annoy or disturb other members in the card room.
  • On a breach of this bye-law he shall be duly warned and on a repetition of the offence, he will be reported to the general committee for action.
  • Members playing card games will do so at their own risk.

Ladies Card Room

Bridge Room